Curiosity is the root of creativity, but empathy is what leads to true impact.

I apply curiosity and empathy to craft memorable experiences. As a graphic designer and MBA graduate from Drexel University, I am interested in the intersection of brand design, business strategy, and social impact.

I first discovered the impact of branding when I started designing and selling custom cakes. This is where I fell in love with the creative process and client relationships. When I shifted to graphic design, I maintained these core interests, but now strive to help other businesses discover their voice.

My design philosophy is grounded in choosing courage over comfort, discovering an authentic voice, embracing criticism fully, and exploring as much as possible. In an experimental publication titled Speechless, featured in Graphic Design USA, I raised awareness about communication disorders by sharing stories in unconventional formats. My capstone project, and Swift grant recipient, Dot & Line, is a book that explored the unique connection between creative individuals; it highlights the vulnerability it takes to continually grow as a designer. My approach reveals a commitment to research, iterative process, and holistic visual storytelling.

While completing a co-op at Cohere, a Philadelphia-based agency, I designed for purpose-driven brands in hospitality and real estate. Taking a newfound perspective on identity systems and sustainability strategy, I applied this skillset to my next co-op at Johnson & Johnson. As a brand experience designer, I developed a cohesive system of physical and digital touch points to communicate Zyrtec's environmental and ingredient transparency initiatives. I also supported various medical device brands by employing human-centered design to improve patient care experiences.

Recognizing that brands have the power to change lives and uplift communities, I am excited to further develop my voice as a creative leader. I aim to continue crafting experiences that deliver transformative impact for people and the planet.

When I’m not in the studio, you can find me exploring the city, kayaking, or trying new recipes.