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"Your challenge is to design a user-centric mobile-first experience that increases trust and credibility in election content for readers. Consider a visual or functional experience that confirms that news, polls, and outcomes are trustworthy to users."

In collaboration with Aaron Monro, we designed the brand identity and user interface for cntr, an app that promotes clear and credible election news. Since U.S. citizens are increasingly skeptical toward media bias, each article on the app includes an authenticity score that gauges author credibility, news outlet bias, and reputable sources. The experience puts the user at the center by curating content that is specific to their local, state, and national elections. Users can select political issues that matter most to them and cntr curates a selection of diverse viewpoints related to these topics. cntr ultimately strengthens each user’s civic engagement through a reductive interface and meaningful content.

This project was presented live at the Adobe x New York Times Creative Jam and was awarded as a finalist.

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